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Part of the platform scale

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 17, 2017

A) display device. The instrument, bearing weighing platform, sensor, sticks, unloading spacing device.

B) on our common physical specifications 420 * 420 420 * 480 400 * 450 * 600 * 800 450 400

Biggest weighing: 30-150 kg of dividing value: 5-50 g

Biggest weighing: 50-150 kg dividing value: 10 to 50 g

Biggest weighing: 300-500 kg dividing value: 50-200 - g

Biggest weighing: 300-500 kg dividing value: 50-200 - g

C) display: lead type (rod), pointer (hospital), digital, recording, counting, display, and combined type.

D) force transfer mechanism: a lever, spring, the force sensor, the grating type, combined type, leveraged sensor (example: mechanical and electrical combination scale, its human scale) and the corresponding damping, vibrating string structure and so on.