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Agricultural Steel Buildings Promote The Use Of

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

Promote residential construction. Construction of Liangshan state steel structure of rural construction concentrated display area, Agricultural Steel Buildings and actively encourage and support the majority of rural residents to promote the use of self-built housing steel structure. Agricultural Steel Buildings In the construction of Yi new village, happy new village, Tibetan new home, easy to relocate the poor, the construction of rural dilapidated buildings, where the government funds into the promotion of the use of steel structure integrated housing construction. Planning and construction departments to strengthen the town planning and construction management, Agricultural Steel Buildings the development of the use of steel residential development guidance, the preparation of steel building universal Atlas and technical guide, free technical services. The production and installation enterprises should strictly in accordance with the "building steel fire safety technical specifications", do a good job of steel structure of agricultural building fire protection design and fire protection. Strengthen the operation management and maintenance services, to ensure that the steel structure of agricultural land in line with local seismic fortification, Agricultural Steel Buildings corrosion, rust and fire standards.

Unified area standard. The construction of the steel structure of the steel structure of the counties and cities shall be strictly in accordance with the construction area of the per capita housing area of the poor farmers, and the number of housing units shall not exceed 80 square meters, Agricultural Steel Buildings and the facilities such as kitchens and pavilions shall not exceed 30 Square meter standard. On the economic conditions and voluntary use of steel structure building self-built housing farmers, can relax the area standard, Agricultural Steel Buildings according to the state not less than 1,000 yuan / household, the county not less than 4,000 yuan / household standard to give subsidies. Encourage the village as a unit, according to the actual construction of the village of affordable housing, for the settlement of the village elderly people living in the problem, the area of the standard shall not exceed 25 square meters per person. Encourage counties and cities in ensuring the quality of construction and safety under the premise of the county as a unit, Agricultural Steel Buildings and the state steel production and construction enterprises docking negotiations to determine the region for the steel structure of rural housing units, by the standard production by the standard ,construction.

Improve the relevant measures. Agricultural Steel Buildings Counties and cities to continue to improve the relevant policies and measures to optimize the design of building programs to strengthen the cost control to the system from the (joint) built, self-built, supplemented by the implementation of financial subsidies (state subsidies in poverty- Fund arrangement). On the new steel structure of rural housing construction, according to the state not less than 1,000 yuan / household, the county not less than 4,000 yuan / household standard subsidies (can be directly subsidized housing construction, but also subsidies for transport costs). At the same time, to strengthen the rural steel construction of rural construction guidance, Agricultural Steel Buildings one thing to determine the construction mode. A large project can be implemented by large state-owned enterprises in the form of general design contract.

Innovative work style. Construction of the steel structure of the steel structure of our state in accordance with the regulations from the establishment and decentralization of the two types of construction, according to the higher construction administrative departments in charge of the acceptance of the Liangshan state steel structure and related design instructions for acceptance. The local township (town) government to supervise and guide; Agricultural Steel Buildings decentralized self-construction of the completion of the quality of the completion of the acceptance of self-built farmers to organize their own implementation, since the self-built by the self-built committee, Agricultural Steel Buildings It is difficult for the completion of the acceptance of the farmer's organization. The local government (township) or the village committee shall give guidance and help.

Strengthen quality supervision. 11 countries to focus on poverty alleviation and development work counties can learn from Ya'an post-disaster reconstruction model, Agricultural Steel Buildings according to their own technical strength to the community to purchase services, the project management company or supervision company responsible for the construction process of quality management. In view of the remote rural power security is weak, Agricultural Steel Buildings the construction conditions, Agricultural Steel Buildings the construction inspection equipment is poor, in line with the conditions of the welder shortage, the quality of welded steel structure and safety of the actual situation is difficult to protect the steel production of steel structure steel Factory processing, and the use of on-site pin assembly, should not be used on-site welding. Do not use foam sandwich panels as construction materials.