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Agricultural Steel Buildings Prospect

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

Agricultural facilities are important material bases for the improvement of rural economic and social development and agricultural production and life. In recent years, Agricultural Steel Buildings with the rise of agricultural factories and the acceleration of agricultural scale, agricultural steel structure facilities are increasing, Agricultural Steel Buildings steel and greenhouse are common in vegetable and other planting industry, large-scale agricultural demonstration park to build a large number of greenhouse, livestock poultry house; In addition, But also built a lot of storage for food and other agricultural products such as storage facilities. Agricultural Steel Buildings Different from the civil building structure, agricultural steel structure has its own characteristics, Agricultural Steel Buildings the current agricultural steel standard system is not yet sound, Agricultural Steel Buildings some structural form yet to be optimized, the actual construction there are insecurity. Nevertheless, Agricultural Steel Buildings the application of steel in agriculture is promising.

Construction steel structure is easy to achieve industrial production, standardization of production, and with the matching wall materials can be used energy-saving, environmentally friendly new materials, therefore, the construction of steel structure can promote the use of new technologies, Agricultural Steel Buildings new materials development. With the accelerated pace of urbanization in our province, industrial plant construction, public buildings, residential construction and bridge construction to promote the use of steel structure, steel production, equipment manufacturing, construction and other key industries and the expansion of domestic demand, Agricultural Steel Buildings with strong Leading the role. The development and application of construction steel structure will help to digest the excess capacity of steel production enterprises in our province, and then promote the development of steel production industry. In vigorously promote the construction of steel at the same time, but also promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry. These have shown that the vigorous development of steel structure, Agricultural Steel Buildings can effectively promote economic development.

Steel structure as a green product, compared with the traditional concrete structure, with a light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, short construction period, Agricultural Steel Buildings easy to achieve industrial production, standardized production, etc., are widely used in industrial buildings, civil construction, Public buildings and bridge construction, these advantages and practicality of the comprehensive economic benefits generated by more and more investors agree. With the development of steel industry, Agricultural Steel Buildings steel structure of residential construction technology is also maturing. This provides a good technical support and favorable conditions for large-scale development of steel structures.

The data show that China's industrial and commercial registration in the steel structure of more than 10,000 enterprises, the industry is in a highly dispersed state. Agricultural Steel Buildings How to effectively promote the development and application of steel structure, the Provincial Construction Department Director Yang Yongzhong that by promoting the merger and reorganization of enterprises, extending and perfecting the industrial chain, improve industrial concentration, promote large-scale, intensive management; Agricultural Steel Buildings joint scientific research units,Agricultural Steel Buildings The development of enterprises to form a consortium, prefabricated prefabricated steel structure residential products as a link, complementary advantages, strong combination, the formation of industrial groups.

At present, Agricultural Steel Buildings the construction mode of our province is extensive, the construction productivity is low, the scale benefit is bad, the resources are wasted and the degree of construction industrialization needs to be improved urgently. As a representative of the construction of industrial steel structure, the urgent need to complete the development and integration of integrated technology, Agricultural Steel Buildings innovation and promotion of industrial technology will be applied to the construction of steel structure in the construction of industrial construction, to play a role model.