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Agricultural Steel Buildings Seismic Performance

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Also known as steel plate, building pressure plate, the use of galvanized steel plate by rolling cold forming, the cross-section into a V-shaped, Agricultural Steel Buildings U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar shape of these waveforms, mainly for permanent templates, but also Was chosen for other purposes.

In the use phase of the floor board as a concrete floor of the tensile reinforcement, but also improve the stiffness of the floor, saving the amount of steel and concrete.

The compression plate surface embossing to make the floor between the board and the concrete to produce the greatest combination of force, Agricultural Steel Buildings so that the two formed as a whole, with stiffeners, floor board system with high strength bearing capacity.

The steel plate composite plate (floor plate, steel bearing plate) is a very reasonable structure, it can according to its components and components of the location and characteristics, give full play to steel and concrete compression performance advantages , And has a good seismic performance, Agricultural Steel Buildings construction performance. This structure is currently widely used in high-rise buildings at home and abroad.

1. The floor board can be used as a permanent template of cast-in-place concrete, eliminating the need to install and remove the template in the construction process;

2. After the installation of the floor board can be used as a construction platform, and because there is no need to use temporary support, nor affect the next layer of construction work;

3. floor board can be used as the floor of the bottom bar to use, reducing the installation of plate tendons of the workload;

4. According to the different shape of the plate shape, Agricultural Steel Buildings up to 30% of the floor can reduce the amount of concrete, reduce the floor weight and can reduce the corresponding beam, column and foundation size, improve the overall performance of the structure;

Called steel beam, is a cross-section of the long-shaped steel. (H) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d) in millimeters, such as "workers 160 * 88 * 6", which means the waist height of 160 mm, leg width 88 mm, 6 mm thick waist Work steel. I-beam of ordinary I-beam, light I-beam and H-beam three.

Ordinary steel and light engineering steel flange from the root to the edge of the gradual thinning, a certain angle. Because of their relatively high cross-sectional size, Agricultural Steel Buildings narrow, so the cross-section of the two main sleeve of the moment of inertia difference is large, therefore, generally only used in the plane of the web bending members or composition of the grid structure of the force The It is not used in the axial compression member or in the plane perpendicular to the plane of the web, which is of great limitation in the application range.

C-type steel purlins according to the height of different divided into 80,100,120,140,160 five specifications, the length can be determined according to the design, Agricultural Steel Buildings but taking into account the transport and installation conditions, the general length of not more than 12 meters.

Is made by the optimization of the development of a cross-section of the mechanical properties of a more excellent cross-section of the steel section in particular with the English letter "H" the same name. H-type steel is divided into wide flange type steel (HW), middle flange H steel (HM), narrow flange H type steel (HN), thin wall H steel (HT), H steel (HU).

H-beam is a new type of economic construction steel. H-section steel cross-section shape is economical and reasonable, good mechanical properties, rolling cross-section of the points on the extension of more uniform, small internal stress, compared with ordinary I-beam, with a large cross-section modulus, light weight, save the advantages of metal, Structure to reduce 30-40%; and because of its legs inside and outside the parallel, Agricultural Steel Buildings leg is a right angle, assembled into a component, can save welding, riveting workload of 25%. Commonly used in carrying capacity, good cross-section stability of large buildings in the stent, foundation pile and so on.