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Agricultural Steel Buildings The Development Needs

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

The construction method of the traditional building adopts on-site cast-in-place or welding process. The on-site construction conditions are poor, the quality of the project is difficult to guarantee, the waste of resources is serious, a large amount of construction rubbish is generated, and the development of building industrialization can not be met.

Assembled steel structure building construction is to build the main components and parts manufactured in the factory, and then transported to the scene, the mechanized installation, Agricultural Steel Buildings the formation of the function to meet the requirements of the building. Assembled steel structure with seismic performance, high construction quality, simple production, construction, green, Agricultural Steel Buildings environmental protection and other advantages.

Assembled steel structures have been widely used in the developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Australia and can bring tremendous comprehensive benefits to the society while driving the rapid development of other industries. At present, the prefabricated steel structure building in China is a very early stage, and mainly in the multi-storey building, rarely used in high-rise buildings, pending further study.

1. Column top line and inspection line: mark the axis and elevation, check the top of the column displacement, grid installation unit provided on the grid support point position, size, elevation after re-examination can be formally installed.

2. Grid floor installation environment should be leveling out, the grid ball should be put on the fulcrum points, indicating the location and ball number. Agricultural Steel Buildings 3 grid ball pivot fulcrum brick pier. Pier material can be steel pipe support points, but also can be a small block on the tube plus a small tube as the grid under the ball support. 4. Indicate the elevation of each fulcrum, such as grid arching requirements, should be reflected in the various support points, with different height steel support tube to complete the arching requirements.

1. Putting the ball: the ball has been acceptance of the ball, according to specifications, number into the installation node at the same time the ball should be adjusted to force direction and position. Normally place the annular weld in the horizontal centerline of the ball in the equatorial direction. Ribbed side in the bottom half of the ball:

2. Place the rod: the rod will be prepared, Agricultural Steel Buildings according to the provisions of the layout of the steel pipe rod placed before the rod, should check the rod size, size, and bevel, weld gap will be placed in two pieces of the ball Between, adjust the gap, point solid.

3 flat grid assembly should start from the centerline, and gradually expanded to the surrounding, first composed of closed square grid, control the size, re-fight around the grid, Agricultural Steel Buildings expanding. Attention should be to control the cumulative error, the general grid with negative tolerance is appropriate.

4 plane grid welding, welding should be prepared before the welding process and the network connection order to prevent deformation of the plane grid.

5. Planar grid welding should be welding process requirements, from the center of the pipe on the left 20-30mm left arc center, to the right welding, and gradually completed Yang welding, Agricultural Steel Buildings the main welding climbing, flat welding and other welding locations.

6. Ball tube welding should be used oblique serrated transport method for welding, to prevent bite meat.

7. Welding transport to the pipe on the side of the centerline, continue to weld forward 20-30mm Department arc.

8. Welding after the completion of a semicircle, Agricultural Steel Buildings re-starting from the right side of the lower center of the steel pipe 20-30mm Department arc backwards, left welding, and the same process, to the top of the center line and then continue forward welding to fill the crater, weld Lap lap to ensure weld quality.