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Agricultural Steel Buildings Very Safe.

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

The performance of the steel structure House is far superior to the traditional brick-and-concrete house, Agricultural Steel Buildings and the traditional house has been criticized for its lack of anti-seismic and comfort. Now the steel structure housing has gradually been recognized by the public, below to see the use of steel structure building housing has what advantages

1. The steel structure House is very safe, Agricultural Steel Buildings the earthquake resistance 9 degrees does not fall. Can prevent Typhoon 12 class, roof load-bearing snow 1.5 meters, Agricultural Steel Buildings this is because the steel component is lightweight, sturdy, and has very good steel and toughness.

2. The construction of steel-structured houses is very fast, and a 500-square-meter building has a construction period within 1 months. This is because the steel structure of the house is produced in the factory, transport to the construction site of steel structure by direct assembly can be completed, Agricultural Steel Buildings so time-consuming is very short.

3. The production of steel-structured housing is highly mechanized and has a high degree of commodity. The main materials required for building are in the factory production, raw materials with mechanical equipment processing, high efficiency, low cost, quality also has a good guarantee. Agricultural Steel Buildings Most of these devices are imported advanced technology, many large enterprises of new housing products with international quality.

4. The material of 80% of steel structure houses can be recycled. From the main material point of view, the steel will not over time to the passing of worms or become deadwood, Agricultural Steel Buildings a number of years after demolition can be recycled, very environmentally friendly, also very economical.

5. The service life of the main structure of the steel structure is 90, which is 3 times times of the traditional house. Our traditional house in 30 became a dangerous building, light steel house durability is good, very cost-effective.

6. Steel structure housing with mobility, Agricultural Steel Buildings if encountered demolition, light steel houses can be split into a lot of parts, transport to a new location after the installation can be. Because these components are connected by screws and connectors, the installation and disassembly is very simple.

7. The steel structure housing modelling is beautiful and diverse, Agricultural Steel Buildings all kinds of styles of houses are carefully designed by designers, there are many styles to choose from.

8. Steel structure housing adaptability is very strong, whether in the cold northeast, Agricultural Steel Buildings or hot Hainan, are very suitable, but the structure of the building is different, housing comprehensive cost-effective as the traditional frame structure.