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Industrial Steel Buildings Higher Gross Margin

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

Steel industry has a typical "big industry, small companies" features. China's steel industry, a high degree of market-oriented, there are a total of tens of thousands of steel enterprises, highly competitive. According to the statistics of the China Steel Structure Association, there are 375 units with qualified steel manufacturing enterprises, but most of them have more than 50 enterprises with an annual output of 10,000 tons or less. In 2014, the nation's largest production of five steel companies accounted for about 7% of the national steel production. From the market segment, in the field of light steel structure, due to the high degree of homogenization of products, manufacturing is difficult, the most intense competition; and in high-grade heavy-duty steel structure, Industrial Steel Buildings large span space steel structure, bridge steel structure and equipment steel structure Field, due to the high degree of engineering technology, production and installation of difficult, high demand for funds, product quality and accuracy requirements, relatively moderate competition, product gross margin higher.

Industry core competitiveness lies in the capital, technology, brand, experience, model and so on. As with other domestic projects, due to the factors of settlement model, Industrial Steel Buildings steel structure usually need to take up more liquidity, listed companies and a strong group background of the company financing channels are rich, the advantage is more obvious. Technically, the steel structure technical barriers are relatively high, light steel structure technical barriers are relatively low, but with the construction standards and requirements continue to improve, need to have continuous technological innovation. Brand as a comprehensive manifestation of quality, technology and experience, is the owner of the important choice to consider the contractor, Industrial Steel Buildings leading enterprises with brand influence, in the market development is more favorable. In addition, qualifications, experience, model, etc. is also an important factor in competitiveness.

Construction industry is a change in the construction industry. The construction industry is characterized by component prefabricated production and assembly construction as the production method. It is characterized by design standardization, component partsization, construction mechanization and management information. It can integrate the whole industry chain such as design, production and construction to realize building energy saving and environmental protection. And the new life cycle value of the new building construction,Industrial Steel Buildings is the construction industry from the scattered large number of on-site artificial wet operation mode of production to modern technology to support a large industrial production mode of a change. Industrial Steel Buildings It covers not only the main structure, but also the envelope structure, decoration and facilities and equipment, the main technical path, Industrial Steel Buildings including prefabricated PC, steel, 3D printing, decorative parts and other components.