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Industrial Steel Buildings Highly Recognition

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Mention the steel structure, Industrial Steel Buildings the author of the deepest memories or the recent G20 summit, whether it is "big ball" or Hangzhou International Expo Center, are steel structure. We know that the steel structure belongs to the category of green building, Industrial Steel Buildings so the top summit, Industrial Steel Buildings the use of steel structure, can be said that the Government of this a high degree of recognition. Industrial Steel Buildings Then the future steel structure will not become a big trend? I think that will be.

First of all, from the policy point of view, Industrial Steel Buildings in this year's government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to actively promote green building and building materials, Industrial Steel Buildings vigorously develop steel structure and assembly architecture. This is the first time in the government work report proposed the development of steel structure. Steel structure is a green construction technology, Industrial Steel Buildings with the advantage of saving human resources, improving production efficiency and ensuring quality function.

Second, from the economic development point of view, we all know that the current steel production capacity due to a serious surplus, industry restructuring and upgrading is imminent. Industrial Steel Buildings And widely used in the construction of steel structure, will effectively promote the sustainable development of green buildings, promote industrial restructuring, to resolve excess steel production capacity. Industrial Steel Buildings In the country are a good thing, the government why not?

Finally, from the environmental level, Industrial Steel Buildings the steel structure itself is green building. In China, green building refers to the maximum life-saving, land-saving, water-saving, material and environmental protection in the life cycle of the building, providing people with health, use and efficient use of space, and nature Harmonious coexistence of the building. Industrial Steel Buildings I believe that with the people's living standards are improving, the pursuit of green will be the trend of the times.

China is a steel power and manufacturing power, the 21st century has produced about 7 billion tons of steel, supporting the construction, transportation, shipbuilding and automobile and other related industries. At present, China has qualified steel construction enterprises more than 3,000, Industrial Steel Buildings employing about 50 million people, the output value of about 500 billion yuan. In 2014, steel production reached 42 million tons, more than Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia total production. However, during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's steel structure with steel production accounted for only 5% to 6%, in a large area of residential construction and bridge structure, the proportion of steel structure is less than 1 %, Far below the average level of 20% to 30% of the developed countries. The main reason for this situation is the development of China's steel structure to encourage the support of the policy is not enough, the steel structure of the industrial chain configuration defects, Industrial Steel Buildings the market operating mechanism is unreasonable, Industrial Steel Buildings the lack of skilled steel structure design and other technical personnel, technology and Lack of supporting products, the lack of steel production or market driven by large leading enterprises.

Steel industry has a typical "big industry, small company" features. China's steel industry, a high degree of market-oriented, there are a total of tens of thousands of steel enterprises, highly competitive. Industrial Steel Buildings According to the statistics of China Steel Structure Association, there are 375 units with qualified steel manufacturing enterprises, but most of them are less than 50 enterprises with an annual output of 10,000 tons or less. In 2014, the nation's largest production of five steel companies accounted for about 7% of the national steel production. From the market segment, in the field of light steel structure, Industrial Steel Buildings due to the high degree of homogenization of products, manufacturing is difficult, the most intense competition; and in the high-grade heavy steel structure, Industrial Steel Buildings large span space steel structure, bridge steel structure and equipment steel structure Field, due to the high degree of engineering technology, production and installation of difficult, high demand for funds, product quality and accuracy requirements, relatively moderate competition, product gross margin higher.