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Industrial Steel Buildings Special Construction

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Industrial Steel Buildings Prefabricated module EPS insulation wall light steel construction industry: C steel is cold-formed (referred to as core rib) into the horizontal or vertical pregroove special composition EPS module wall, horizontal ribs and die with Column Connection, both inside and outside the surface are covered with thick plastering mask surface, and add a welded wire mesh crack enhancement, the module end with plugging block block, Industrial Steel Buildings constitute the industrial building assembly of low-energy peripheral wall. Used for steel structure industrial plant, frame structure of the building wall.

This technology is applicable to low-rise or multi-storey industrial building enclosures with fire hazard classes of Class C and below, with seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees and below. Wall and roof of the combustion performance are difficult to burn the body, the wall fire resistance limit of 1.33h, roof fire resistance limit of 0.5 h.

Widely used in both high-energy industrial plants, Industrial Steel Buildings warehouses and other wall or roof for energy-saving transformation. Applicable to the rapid repair of industrial buildings in earthquake-stricken areas.

1, the abolition of the traditional brick wall, composite wall can be directly landing, which can make the indoor view of the bright and comfortable, Industrial Steel Buildings but also improve the industrial building insulation performance and air tightness, speed up the construction speed and reduce the cost of the project The

2, the wall of the core core ribs with a special connection with the frame column and reliable connection to improve the stability of the wall, the wall of the seismic performance of a substantial upgrade, the wall weighs only 65kg / m2, both to reduce the structural load, The construction cost of the housing structure.

3, composite wall special structure, greatly improving the wall impact resistance, durability and fire safety performance, fire resistance can reach 1.33h, Industrial Steel Buildings beyond the national standard requirements. So that the composite wall and building structure with the life.

4, the first to achieve a low energy consumption from the civil construction to industrial buildings in the field of low energy consumption across. Effectively guarantee the quality of the project. To eliminate backward production capacity, played a science and technology-oriented and exemplary role.

5, composite wall is not only applicable to the steel structure of industrial building envelope, but also for concrete frame structure of industrial building filled wall.

  At present, the industrial construction industry has been facing three major problems, one is the initial planning caused by unreasonable demolition. Second, Industrial Steel Buildings the quality of industrial buildings themselves, the third is the construction of their own sustainable problems. In the industrial building energy saving, land, water, material problem is very important, it is not only related to the problem of industrial energy consumption, but also related to the limited use of resources on Earth. At present, there are more than 95% of the existing industrial buildings in the Shanghai area. More than 90% of the new industrial buildings are high energy buildings every year. If the energy-saving and land-type steel structures are promoted vigorously, Industrial Steel Buildings the social economy Interests and re-use of resources in Shanghai have a positive effect. At present, China advocates vigorously develop energy-saving emission reduction construction of the case.

Steel structure with light weight, strong seismic capacity, the material can be 100% recovery, and truly green pollution; steel structure using energy efficient wall, up to 50% of the energy efficiency standards; basic area to reduce the small digging excavation A large number of land energy; steel structure dry construction full industrial manufacturing saves a lot of water, electricity, human resources investment. And so on, Industrial Steel Buildings a series of advantages of steel structure is the choice of modern industrial construction, especially in Shanghai, more people and less industrial economy and relatively developed, the use of steel structure is the most appropriate benefits.

 At present, Europe and the United States continue to accuse China of high energy consumption building users, China should vigorously develop low-energy steel structure steel structure, for our country from a model role. The current international situation and domestic policy adjustment under the strong development of steel industry is China's high energy consumption to solve industrial building a good way.