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Industrial Steel Buildings Structural Building

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

The use of steel construction in industrial plants has the advantage of a shorter construction period, higher utilization, flexible floor layout, large column spacing and large span. For the owners, Industrial Steel Buildings they can shorten the investment period, at the same time quick, components can disassembly and re-use, promote environmental protection, but also save resources, so in modern industrial design more and more widely used.

To take effective measures to protect the steel structure, the purpose is to improve the fire resistance of the steel structure to the specified value, Industrial Steel Buildings to avoid deformation and collapse of steel members in the event of a fire. From the current point of view, there are three ways to protect steel components, namely spraying method, coating method and water shower method. Spraying method is to apply a layer of fire retardant coating on the surface of steel structure, and then form a protective film to enhance the fire resistance of building components. Spray method is divided into thin spray and thick spray. Different coating thickness, Industrial Steel Buildings will have a different resistance to fire; cladding method is the use of calcium silicate board, concrete and brick and other materials wrapped steel structure, and thus form a protective layer, Industrial Steel Buildings so that the fire resistance of components to improve; water pour cooling method is Refers to the automatic sprinkler system arranged in the upper part of the steel structure, in the event of a fire, spray start, there will be a continuous layer of water film formed on the surface of the steel structure, play a protective role.

Fire-retardant coating in use, the bottom must keep the anti-corrosion coating material and fire-resistant coating match between the two can not produce chemical reactions to prevent the effect of anti-corrosion fire. At present, many construction units are blindly pursuing economic benefits and adopt the crudely made fire retardant coating products such as "Sanwu". Therefore, although many fire protection coatings are used, Industrial Steel Buildings no fire prevention function can be achieved. In the event of a fire, the steel structure is equivalent to the unprotected Under the state of fire hazards, the consequences could be disastrous. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of construction, we must strengthen supervision in the construction process, Industrial Steel Buildings serious operation, strict quality. It is necessary to educate owners on how to strengthen fire prevention knowledge, recognize the dangers of fire and enhance awareness of fire prevention. At the same time, in order to prevent the occurrence of fire, a contingency plan for fire prevention should be drawn up. Through scientific analysis and comparison, the fire protection method for steel structure should be selected according to the fire resistance requirements of components so as to achieve a win-win situation of safety and economy.

In accordance with the specific circumstances of the building to be divided into fire district, the general use of the following methods of division: First, Industrial Steel Buildings according to the floor to be divided, and the use of closed stairways, the various floors will be connected to separate floors, fire doors will be designated as B Level; the second is divided according to the functional area, under normal circumstances the office area, dynamic area and production area as an independent sub-area, in an area of sufficient circumstances, the merger of power and production as a zone, while setting up an independent office area, This distribution is relatively reasonable. For special zoning, in accordance with the provisions of the local fire department, Industrial Steel Buildings at the same time with the firewall will be separated from the two fire districts, fire doors must be Class A. When controlling the area of fire precincts, special methods need to be adopted for special situations. According to the rules, Industrial Steel Buildings Class A, B and C plants should be equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system to double the construction area of fire precautionary zone; when D and E plants are equipped with automatic fire extinguishing system, the building area of fire precaution area shall not be limited; System, can double the local area. Industrial Steel Buildings In specific work, the choice of method can be determined according to the actual situation.