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Steel Structure Buildings Advantages And Disadvantages

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

Steel construction A new type of building system is available through the real estate industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry between the industry line, set into a new industrial system, which is widely seen in the industry steel structure of the building system.

Steel structure Compared with the traditional concrete building, with steel or steel instead of reinforced concrete, higher strength, better shock resistance. And because the components can be factory production, on-site installation, thus greatly reducing the duration. Due to the reusable steel, can greatly reduce the construction waste, more green, and thus widely used around the world, used in industrial buildings and civil construction. At present, the construction of steel structure in the high-rise, super-high-rise buildings on the increasingly mature, and gradually become the mainstream of the construction process, is the future direction of development of the building.


1. Significant savings in construction time, construction is not affected by the season

2. Increase the use of residential space area, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution

3. Building materials can be reused, pulling the development of other new building materials industry

4. Seismic performance is good, easy to use in the transformation, flexible and convenient, giving comfort and so on

5. High strength, light weight, high security components, high cost, reduce building costs

6. In line with national sustainable development strategy, low carbon, green, environmental protection, energy saving and other key state-supported industries


As the land resources are not renewable, the Ministry of Construction has ordered the prohibition of the use of traditional clay brick, at the same time, China's steel production has reached 1 billion tons, a serious oversupply situation has forced the iron and steel enterprises another way, the introduction of foreign mature residential building system, At the same time for the construction industry and the steel industry to find a new way out, therefore, steel mills and building materials enterprises in the forefront of steel housing.

1. Heat-resistant refractory, the need for surface coating fire retardant coating

2. Easy to be corroded, the surface to be coated with anti-corrosion coating, reduce or avoid corrosion, improve the durability

Development model

Energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and industrialization. After the 20th century, China's urban housing construction to complete the annual area of 440 million square meters, the total output value of 600 billion yuan (about GDP9%) the rapid development of the construction of the housing industry has become a new century, the new economic growth point. To achieve the modernization of the housing industry to solve the current housing construction in the low level of industrialization, low rate of parts and low-grade residential materials, low life, solid clay brick energy consumption is not conducive to environmental issues, has been included in the new century urgent solution The problem. China's construction industry requires the whole industry to study the steel structure in various types of construction applications in the new system to expand its scope of application, the development of multi-storey steel structure. Internationally, US designers and architects attach great importance to the study of metal structures and their durability, practicality and economy. European experts have suggested that the steel structure has the conditions of green building, which is conducive to the protection of the environment, energy conservation buildings. They believe that the metal structure of the building has a good sense of space, to achieve innovative planning and space design, construction, not only live, use, but also consider creating a more comfortable space for people to save energy space. Japan's steel production in 1998 was 59 million tons, 13% of the steel for building structures, while steel houses accounted for a significant proportion of steel for building structures. Hong Kong is a tall building. Taiwan earthquake, it is clear that the steel structure is better than the reinforced concrete building; from the earthquake damage situation, the general multi-storey residential basically all flat, and steel construction of the house did not collapse, so the Taiwan authorities require multi-storey housing construction Always use steel structure. China's multi-storey residential and small high-rise residential use of steel structure of the pilot, starting from Tianjin. Tianjin uses three different structures, different wall materials, different construction methods of the program. Start the scale of more than 200,000 square meters pilot project. One is the use of concrete-filled square steel pipe column structure; the second use of steel truss structure; the third use of concrete-filled steel pipe structure. Three kinds of square meters of steel structure are less than the amount of steel reinforced concrete structure. In Qingdao, Shanghai and Xinjiang are listed in a certain area of housing housing project pilot. As China's "steel house" has just started, many structures are unable to mass production, therefore, the steel structure will be more expensive than the concrete structure. Beijing Jin Chen apartment construction unit after calculation that, despite the overall price of steel structure is still relatively high, but due to short duration, low energy consumption, high utilization rate, improve the quality grade, so the overall cost is not high, at the same time, because of this Is the first steel structure in Beijing demonstration project, therefore, suppliers are the most favorable price to provide steel parts, the total cost and concrete structure is almost.