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Steel Structure Buildings Design Specifications

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Steel structure usually in the temperature of 450 degrees Celsius ~650 degrees Celsius will lose its bearing capacity, a large deformation, resulting in steel columns, Steel Structure Buildings steel girder bending, as a result of too large deformation and can not continue to use, generally unprotected steel structure of the fire resistance limit of about 15 minutes. The length of this time is also related to the speed of the component endothermic. To make steel structure material in practical application to overcome the shortage of fire protection, it is necessary to carry out fire treatment, its purpose is to increase the fire resistance of steel structures to the limit range of design norms. Steel Structure Buildings Prevent the steel structure in the fire rapid warming occurrence deformation collapse, its measures are various, the key is to adopt different methods according to different circumstances, such as using adiabatic, refractory flame direct burning steel structure, reduce the speed of heat transfer delay steel structure temperature rise, strength weaken time, etc. But whatever method is adopted, the principle is consistent. Therefore, the author thinks in the reality 4 kinds of steel structure fire protection measure must pay attention.

Outsourcing layer. As the name implies, Steel Structure Buildings is in the steel structure exterior adds the outsourcing layer, may cast the molding, may also use the spraying method. The Cast-in-place solid concrete layer is usually reinforced by wire mesh or rebar to limit shrinkage cracks and to ensure the strength of the shell. Spraying can be applied to the surface of the steel structure on the construction site mortar to form a protective layer, mortar can be lime cement or gypsum mortar, can also be mixed with perlite or asbestos. At the same time, Steel Structure Buildings the outsourcing layer can also be used perlite, asbestos, gypsum or asbestos cement, lightweight concrete prefabricated precast, using adhesives, nails, bolts fixed on the steel structure.

Expansion materials. Using steel structure fireproof paint protection components, Steel Structure Buildings this method has the advantages of good fire insulation performance, construction is not limited by the geometric shape of steel structure, generally do not need to add ancillary facilities, and coating quality is light, there is a certain aesthetic decorative effect, belongs to the modern advanced fire technology measures.

High-rise steel structure building is increasing, Steel Structure Buildings especially some super high-rise buildings, the use of steel structure is more extensive. Steel Structure Buildings In the event of a fire accident in high-rise buildings, fire is not extinguished in a short time, which requires us to increase the fire protection of building materials in building design, to enhance its fire resistance limit, Steel Structure Buildings and to make necessary contingency plans within the construction to reduce casualties and property losses.