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Steel Structure Buildings Regularity And Uniformity

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

1, Steel Structure Buildings the vertical shape: This refers to the vertical body of the regularity and uniformity, that is, the degree of external or adduction and vertical stiffness of the mutation and so on. If the lateral stiffness from the bottom to the gradual change, then the amount of steel on the less, Steel Structure Buildings otherwise it will increase, the more typical of the vertical stiffness of the conversion layer of high-rise building.

2, the plane shape: If the plane is more rules, the uneven amount of steel with less, and vice versa are more, each layer of the same or similar to the larger the length of the external walls of the building, the more steel, Whether the rules not only determine the amount of steel, but also measure the structure of the seismic performance of the pros and cons, from this point of view that the structure of the steel with its seismic performance may not be low.

3, the length of the plane size: the structural unit is long, Steel Structure Buildings when the building is longer, and the structure is not a permanent seam when it becomes a long building. Long buildings because of the need to consider the shrinkage of concrete stress and temperature stress, Steel Structure Buildings it is relative to non-long buildings mainly deal with the stress generated by the load, the unit area of steel is clearly more.

4, elevation nodes: too complex facade nodes, such as facade lines, etc., in the past are finished with the article line plug, for public buildings also use stone plug, Steel Structure Buildings but for residential projects, because of its high cost of maintenance costs are basically Reinforced concrete pouring, will inevitably increase the amount of unilateral steel.

5, anti-lateral force component position: the center of the stiffness and the quality of the center coincidence or close, or anti-lateral force components can produce a greater position of the torsional stiffness of the structure of the torsional effect is small, so the overall structure of the steel on the small, And vice versa.

6, column size: including the absolute size of the column network and its density, it directly affects the structure of the floor beam structure. In general, Steel Structure Buildings the large width of the floor of the large steel floor, and vice versa, but at the same time due to the increase in the number of columns caused by the increase in the amount of steel, the column end and beam column node area increased stirrups The amount of almost 50% of the total increase. Column mesh size is more uniform not only the structure (including the column and beam) force is reasonable, and its use of steel than the column network density to save.

7, underground structure: the basement layer is too high, the basement wall reinforcement must increase, the basement floor also due to the increase in water pressure caused by the increase in the amount of concrete and steel; group building underground communication and underground trench,Steel Structure Buildings  When the grading, will lead to increased use of concrete and steel.

8, high: for high-rise buildings, the high and the amount of steel is difficult to determine a relationship between, in other words can not be sure that the impact of high on the amount of steel. On the column of the stirrups, the total height of the same building, the layer is small that the number of layers, Steel Structure Buildings the amount of reinforcement but more, but the amount of steel per unit area after its amortization may be less. As for the cross-column, due to the complexity of its force and a larger cross-section, the amount of steel is generally higher than the normal level of the column.

9, vertical aspect ratio: This is mainly for high-rise buildings, the aspect ratio of large building structure of its overall stability is certainly not as high as the width of the building, Steel Structure Buildings in order to ensure the overall stability of the structure and control the lateral displacement of the structure, It is necessary to set a more rigid side-force member to improve the lateral stiffness of the structure. The increase in the number of such components makes it possible to increase the amount of steel so that the amount of steel per unit area is close to the aspect ratio The

10, the aspect ratio: plane length and width of the relatively large buildings, whether or not long, due to the direction of the two spindle dynamic characteristics (that is, the overall stiffness) is very different, in the horizontal force (wind or earthquake) The increase in the nonuniformity of the two-way component and the increase of the torsional effect make the reinforcement of the component increase.