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Steel Structure Buildings Why High-rise Residential Less

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Steel structure of the biggest advantages, I think it is abandoned, will be better handled.

1, structural stiffness and quality of steel structure is a major advantage of high strength and light weight, which in the conventional building is the advantage. But in some structures, this may become a disadvantage. The density of steel is larger than that of concrete, but why steel is light, because steel is high in strength and bear the same load. The steel needs less, and the quality is lighter than concrete. This is a major advantage of steel structure. At the same time due to the small amount of steel structure, will lead to insufficient rigidity. At the same time in the power problem, the quality is small, it may not be a good thing. High-level high-level anti-wind and earthquake is a big problem, said here is not the strength of wind resistance is the problem, but the stiffness problem. Also said that the case of strong winds, not afraid of the floor will be down, but fear of shaking too much, it is precisely the fear of shaking the acceleration is too large. Imagine a building that has been shaking, you dare to live not? A normal use of the function of the building, is undoubtedly a time bomb. At this time the strength advantage is difficult to play out, although the problem can be dealt with by structural means, but the quality is too light, it may be a fatal problem. In large span bridges, especially suspension bridges, due to the quality of the steel structure is too light, we even have to add weight inside the steel box to improve its dynamic characteristics. Corresponding to the housing structure to use steel structure and concrete core tube with, to solve the problem of stiffness. Empire State Building, Twin Towers, Sears Tower is indeed a high-rise steel structure, but they are all running around the world record, they solve the key problems are high-level steel wind resistance, and they are too expensive, if Used to make a house. In addition, the power problem should be noted that the power problem is very complex, low stiffness may not be appropriate, high stiffness may not be good, only the appropriate range is reasonable.

2. Steel structure fire problem

Steel structure is usually in the 450 ~ 650 ℃ temperature will lose the carrying capacity, a great deformation, resulting in steel columns, steel beams bent, the results due to excessive deformation and can not continue to use, generally unprotected steel fire The limit is about 15 minutes. The length of this time is also related to the speed of the component endothermic.

From the construction, the steel structure may be difficult to build high.

1, the transport problem My point of view on the contrary, the transport problem is a major advantage of steel structure. Is concrete transport really cheap? That is low strength concrete. C60 concrete above, the requirements of the aggregate is very high. For example, the province of Guizhou Province, there is no qualified aggregate for the configuration of C60 above the concrete. So long distance transport is not unique to the steel structure. Steel structure in the factory prefabricated components, to the scene assembled, you can save a lot of on-site costs, while controlling the quality of the project. The same one truck, one ton of steel and one ton of gravel, of course the cost of transporting steel (unit cost) is lower. At the same time, the concrete get more than 100 meters above the high transport costs, I am afraid higher than the steel structure. By the way, the cost of steel is not only the cost of steel, but also the processing costs, the two is about 1: 1 relationship, that is, 5000 tons of steel, processed into components, the total cost will become 10,000 yuan One ton. Transportation costs and then expensive, and 10,000 yuan per ton, but also a small number. 1 side of the concrete, the cost of less than 500 yuan, equivalent to 200 dollars per ton is. The difference between the two 50, ah, of course, taking into account the strength gap, the cost gap will be reduced a little. 2, large span I am afraid that can not be said that the unique advantages of steel structure. Why is the steel structure made of trusses, truss from the whole, is a hollowed out of the beam. A single steel structure, can not make such a big beam height, so with a truss to assemble. However, due to the stability of the bar, the use of steel truss to do the span is very limited. Can the truss span be 100m? 200m? While the out-of-plane stability of trusses is also a big problem.

Leakage and noise problems, it is not a matter of difficulty, it is because the plant did not pay attention to this area or did not do a good job. That leaking, the cast a layer of concrete thin floor to solve the problem ah.