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The Classification Of Industrial Buildings

Smartweigh Instrument Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 17, 2017

(1) classification according to the owner:

1, development zone of all plant, usually standard workshop.

2, development zones have all of the plants, including foreign enterprises and domestic enterprises of part or all of the workshop. Also include in a development zone in the specialty is engaged in the construction and rental company factory.

(2) according to the classification of property right card:

1, workshop with a legitimate property rights

2, there is no property of workshop. (usually is not caused by land property right card, which includes has accepted construction of punishment and not accept illegal construction two penalty)

(3) according to the structure of plant and supporting classification:

Single-layer/multi-layer, have without driving, presence of distribution, with or without water supply, sewage.

(4) according to the production characteristics of industrial buildings can be roughly divided into three types. 

1. under normal environment production workshop.

2. the explosion and fire dangerous production workshop: normal production of electronic radiator or store has factory explosion and fire hazards.

3. in the manufacturing plant in harsh environments, dusty, wet, high temperature, vibration, smoke or steam, acid and alkali corrosive gas or substances, radioactive substances production workshop.